WELCOME TO Giardino Cordusio

Where the art of classic mixology blends with the atmosphere of our garden.

A magical journey begins with every sip, a tribute to the perfect harmony between botanical inspiration and timeless craftsmanship.

Step inside and get lost in an ambience that invites you to leave the ordinary behind. Our menu is an ode to the abundance of the garden, a symphony of flavours carefully composed to awaken the senses. Each cocktail is a masterpiece, meticulously balanced and presented with an artistic touch.

The real magic happens at the bar, when our bartenders create a dance of liqueurs and fragrant botanicals, authentic elixirs that captivate both the eye and the palate.



Located in the heart of Milan, in Piazza Cordusio, a dynamic urban square where business, Made in Italy fashion, tourism and luxury hospitality meet. Giardino Cordusio is a hidden jewel of unparalleled elegance and refinement, which can be discovered within the courtyard of the historic Palazzo Venezia, now Palazzo Cordusio Gran Meliá.


Giardino Cordusio is an Italian Cocktail Bar created by Sunset Hospitality Group and Giancarlo Mancino, a world-famous entrepreneur and consultant barman.

Born and raised in Pignola, Giancarlo began his career as a bartender, working in bars around the world, including the King Cole Bar at the St. Regis Hotel in New York City, where he made history as the youngest bartender in only 19 years old.

Partner of the “World’s 50 Best Bars” with his Mancino Vermouth, Giancarlo Mancino is today also an entrepreneur with various brands of Vermouth, Bitters, aperitifs and collaborations in the design of glasses and exclusive bar utensils.

In Giancarlo’s vision, Giardino Cordusio was born as a tribute to the tradition and elegance of the past, but also to the enchanting contemporary charm of Milan.


Giardino Cordusio is the new guardian of the art of classic mixing, upholding traditions that have endured the test of fashion.

Each cocktail offered is a carefully balanced work of art. It begins with the silky softness of the Martini cocktails, presented on an “Altar”, and with the “Negroni al Fresco” which preserved in a special “Amphora”, presents fresh and citrus notes thanks to a skillful mix of Mancino Vermouth Rosso and Chinato, Gin, Amaro Lucano Anniversario, renowned dark and American bitter. The menu is broad and ready to satisfy the tastes of the most refined and demanding palates, with original proposals such as the Spritzes collection.



Giardino Cordusio is a hymn to the art of living, a refined metropolitan refuge which, while winking at international influences, also offers Italian tradition in Executive Chef Andrea Nani’s dishes, from Mini Maritozzi with Fassona tartare and caviar to Truffle Club (with ham, sweet provola, black truffle and truffle mayonnaise), up to the Lobster roll with homemade brioche bread (marinated lobster, celeriac, Tropea onions, lime) and the Red Tuna Sashimi (fillet of red tuna, burnt oranges, jalapenho and toasted almonds).



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